RBFC: A Modern Solution for Effective Self Defense Training

What is RBFC?
RBFC is a premium service delivering modern self-protection training and consultation. We provide personalized instruction in self-defense techniques which are chosen to suit the client(s). We also familiarize the client with the effects of the psychological and emotional stresses of a violent confrontation through carefully designed drills and simulations. The extremely important factor of weapons usage and defense is thoroughly addressed. The end result is a client who is confident in his/her physical tactics and composure under the pressure of a violent attack.
How does RBFC training work, and why is it different?

RBFC training is based upon the proven principle of progressive resistance. People learn the fastest when they practice the actual event in which they will participate. Therefore, you practice being attacked in the exact way(s) that REAL encounters happen. At first, the attacks are VERY mild until you are comfortable with the necessary responses. The attacks then gradually increase in force, and you practice responses to these attacks over and over. Eventually, you build up to REAL levels of force! Yet, you are not overwhelmed because you have built up PROGRESSIVELY! Since you have actually used the techniques against a REAL level attack, you know exactly what you are capable of, and do not leave the class with lingering doubts as to your ability! By continually practicing a SMALL, EASILY MEMORIZED number of techniques against REAL attacks, you retain the skills you have learned and are able to use them while under stress. This progressive process allows you to "discover" which particular techniques fit your personal style and body type, since not all people share the same natural abilities. You will also gain a thorough understanding of your personal response to stress, and through practice, minimize the negative effects of fear and self-doubt.

Please understand that the typical "drills" used in many martial arts classes do not properly reproduce the "surprise" and "startle" of real confrontations. Simply put, people attending a martial arts class EXPECT to practice fighting, and therefore are usually not "caught off guard", etc. by the simulated attacks they practice. RBFC has developed many clever psychological "tricks" which allow the client to truly experience an unexpected attack scenario. RBFC Head Instructor Lee Aldridge receives constant requests from martial artists across the world for directions on how to create FUNCTIONAL DRILLS. Clients learn faster, because more of the elements of real confrontations are recreated in the learning process.

RBFC Head Instructor Lee Aldridge
RBFC Head Instructor Lee Aldridge has put years of work into the RBFC curriculum. Drawing from over 40 years of martial arts experience, he offers a unique approach to learning self-defense. Human performance data, fear management methods, and modern adult educational theories all play an important role in achieving the outstanding results enjoyed by RBFC clients.
Another significant way in which RBFC training differs is the use of realistic motion in our drills and simulations. For instance, many self-defense programs will show a woman how to escape when she is grabbed in a bear hug from behind. There are far fewer programs that will bring her great proficiency at escaping that hold WHILE SHE IS BEING DRAGGED OR CARRIED AWAY! Please feel free to experiment with this concept. You will find that escaping from the typical "posed" attack is far easier than escaping from the "real thing". We have had highly ranked women in martial arts become humbled by the difference between a stationary and a moving attack scenario. (What attacker wants to stand in a parking lot and merely hug you? He wants to drag you away where he is safer!) It is far easier (and more impressive) to demonstrate fancy, complex technique when you are standing still and have your balance. Through the use of specific drills, RBFC quickly introduces clients to the realities of fighting while under movement. Without this set of skills, you will be an absolute beginner at fighting under these circumstances, regardless of your level of previous training.

RBFC is pleased to be one of the few private organizations which employ the Bulletman Suit in selected drills and applications. We have been granted permission by the manufacturer to incorporate the Bulletman Suit in our curriculum. The Bulletman Suit safely allows the trainee to utilize full-power blows to an attacker's vital points. By experiencing what it feels like to use full power in a defensive situation, the trainee knows exactly what they are capable of and what works the best for them. Our experience in utilizing creative adrenal-stress scenarios, combined with state-of-the-art protective gear, produce an unmatched learning environment. By having a large selection of modern safety equipment to choose from, RBFC is able to custom-match each drill and the necessary gear to optimize the experience for the client.

All RBFC Programs for (Men, Women, and Law Enforcement/Govt. agencies) incorporate the same concepts into their curriculum. Without a realistic training environment, there can be only limited advancement in skill with the real situation.